You may get .psd* file of "Winter Scene Photo Manipulation". Photoshop tutorial by making a payment(attn.(!)- the layers with the original stock pictures are watermarked). Put the tutorial title in "Add special instructions to seller" line of PayPal and it will be sent to you shortly.


  • Create a new layer and fill trees silhouette with any color.

  • Ctrl + click to the silhouette layer thumbnail to load selection. You may make colored shapes layer invisible. We need it just to create selection.

  • Copy selected trees and paste them into a new layer.
  • Apply Flip Vertical Transformation. Go to Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical. Move trees down.

  • Separate tress to different layers (Choose Polygonal Lasso Tool , select one of the trees, cut it out and paste it into a new layer.
  • Apply Multiply Blending Mode to the large tree, Opacity around 70% and place this layer below Ice and above very bottom - Gradient Layer.
  • Go To Edit > Free Transformation > Shrink tree shape a bit by vertical.

Fake fisheye effect  and HDR toning with Photoshop tools

  • Select branches using Quick Mask Mode and large soft Brush. Apply Lens Blur filter to the tree layer, use "Radius" parameter around 8-10.

Fake fisheye effect  and HDR toning with Photoshop tools

  • Place the second smaller tree above and move it top part under the stones and soil, Leave visible only branches.

Fake fisheye effect  and HDR toning with Photoshop tools

  • Load selection for the left branches and apply Lens Blur filter just like in the previous example, but with "Radius" 4-5.

  • Insert Octopus image. Place it above all underground layers and below Painting layer.

  • Apply Gradient Overlay effect to the "Octopus" layer.

  • Apply Opacity 92% to Octopus.
  • Add Layer Mask to "Octopus" layer, fill bottom part of Layer Mask with the black and white Liner Gradient to make underwater smooth effect for Octopus leg.
  • You may process layer mask with the translucent black brush top part of octopus next to ice surface.

  • Make active octopus thumbnail, go to Image > Adjustments > Levels. Correct octopus levels just like on the screen shot below.

  • You may see darker water space on the screen shot below.

  • Add new large rectangular shape above Octopus and below Painting layer.
  • Erase area marked red on the screen shot below.

  • Add Gradient Overlay effect to this layer and Fill parameter - 0%.

  • Use these Gradient Overlay settings:

  • Insert water bubbles layer. Place it above previous layer and below painting layer.

  • Apply Soft Light Blending Mode and Opacity 50% to the bubbles layer. Add Layer Mask and erase the same areas as in previous layer.

  • Create a new layer and fill stones and soil area with the dark brown/translucent Gradient from top to down (translucent part should be in the bottom).

  • Add a new layer below painting layer and apply ice pattern to it and Color Overlay layer style effects.
  • Erase everything except top ice thickness part.

  • Use following settings for the top ice layer:

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