To work with video in Photoshop Extended, you must install QuickTime 7.1 (or higher).

  • File > Open > QuickTime Movie (.mov).
  • Go to Window > Animation.

Set a work area .

  • Drag the work area markers(marked by red arrows) at either end of the work area bar, to specify the beginning or end of the work area.

    Move the current-time indicator to the frame you want.

  • Go to Animation Menu (marked by red line) select Trim Document Duration to Work Area.

  • From the Animation palette menu, choose Document Settings.
  • Enter or choose values for Duration and Frame Rate.
  • Choose parameters suitable for your animation.

Correction of colors, brightnesses and other parameters.

  • Click on the round button in the Layers palette.
  • Choose Levels, Color Balance, or other settigs to improve color adjustments of animation.

  • Add Pattern for change background. Erase some areas in the center using Vector Mask.

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