Creation of the sky behind the window and effect of the broken glasses.

  • Paste image of the sky into the new layer.
  • Place this layer under the window.
  • Erase some parts of the window using small hard brush.
  • Erase redundant parts of the sky.

The layers are done.

Colors' correction.

  • Go to image > Adjustments > Variations, select cold and dark colors.

  • Change adjustments in Levels.

  • Repeat this actions for bricks.

Creation of dust effect.

  • Click on Quick Mask.
  • Select the areas which will be dusty.
  • Click on Quick Mask again. Go to Select > Inverse.
  • Fill the selected parts with grey translucent color.
  • Erase some small areas of the dust.

  • Draw a cobweb, I used ready brushes.

  • Add a new layer.
  • Fill it with gradient( black/transparent) Opacity 40-50%, Multiply layer.

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