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  • Create a new layer,load selection for the both edges.
  • Fill selection with dark blue/ light grey gradient.
  • Apply Multiply Blending mode for this layer, Opacity about 60%.

Unusual Christmas Card. Photoshop tutorial

  • Place ice surface image. Load selection for it.
  • Edit > Copy.
  • Create a new empty layer.

  • Go to Vanishing Point Filter.
  • Take Create Plane Tool and make the grid just like on the screen shot below.
  • Click Ctrl + V (paste copied image).

  • Grug image on a grid.
  • Click "Ok".

  • Apply Overlay Blending Mode to this layer.
  • Add Layer mask, fill it wit linear black and white gradient.

  • Place wood image into a new layer below card and shade.

  • Apply Vanishing Filter for wood just like in example with ice surface.

  • Add Layer mask to Wood layer. Fill it wit black and white gradient just like in the screen shot.

  • Merge background and Wood layers.
  • Apply Radial dark/transparent Gradient Overlay layer style effect to create layer.

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